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The Advanced platform for  Learning and understand concepts, self assessment practice in competitive examinations

Advanced platform: examination format as per actual exam, result analysis, solution, strengths /weakness, and feedback.

Learning :Understand and revise core concepts in depth NEET/JEE by .tutorac

Self assessment : allows students to assess their own performance, extremely valuable in helping students develop self-reflection, critique and judgment
Practice : the actual application examination method

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#Leading edge exam Preparation

  • 1. Full syllabus coverage
  • 2. Different type of questions based on actual exam pattern
  • 3. Computer based simulation during test attempts
  • 4. Personalized performance feedbacks and improvement suggestions

Innovative Question Content

  • 1. The quality of questions in our online exam preparation makes it engaging and lively.
  • 2. Question types and difficulty level mapped to actual exam preparation needs
  • 3. Experienced & expert faculties create all type of questions
  • 4. Detailed and insightful solutions provided for every question

Benefits of Online Mock Test

  • 1. Learn Time Management
  • 2. Learn How to Tackle Tricky Questions
  • 3. Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • 4. Boost Your Confidence

Improve Accuracy & Time Management

  • 1. To achieve your ultimate goal, performance matters and that too at the right time.
  • 2. Our assessment feedback ensures just that.
  • 3. Test reports focus on time and accuracy improvement

 Unlimited Practice

  • Assess your preparation with unlimited practice and track progress with personalized performance analysis.

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 Learning and understand concepts in depth, self assessment practice for competitive examinations like NEET/IIT-JEE/CUET etc.

advanced platform

Examination format as per actual exam, result analysis, solution, strengths /weakness, and feedback.

Self assessment

Allows students to assess their own performance, extremely valuable in helping students develop self-reflection, critique and judgment.

A- Assessment  

For Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and time-based

F - Feedback 

involves identifying progress toward targeted performance

R - Relearn

Helps the students to identify the strengths and weaknesses in various areas to Relearn

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Dr.Vetri Raj

Chief Mentor and Founder

Frequenty Asked Questions

#What are the salient Features of our online exam preparation ?

● Practice All you want : Extensive Collection of Topic-wise and sectional Tests to practice From
● Get-in- Depth Analytics : Get detailed trends of your scores with answers and time taken
● Get Familiar with the Format : Mock tests with identical interface and test format for NEET
● Review Past Tests : Flag questions and review past answers anytime

#Why is an online test series necessary for Any Entrance Exam?

The online test series for any Entrance exam is actually necessary as these series contain the same pattern and types of questions, which are generally asked in the Entrance exam. The online test series also gives good practice following the criterion as the entrance exam is. So, continuous work and sound knowledge regarding subjects will definitely help you in smartly beating the Entrance exam fear.

#How helpful is the online test series for clearing the Entrance exam?

They give you an elaborated idea of the level and complexity of the questions, the marking pattern, etc., which is followed during the entrance exams.

#Can I take the practice test more than once?

You may take the test series with restricted to 5 attempts. The online test series are available for you 24*7.
Once you have completed the exam, the option to “Retake Test” ” Just click on that and you can retake the practice test.

#Will the practice test show my final score?

Yes. When you’ve completed the practice test your final score will be posted. In addition, the ratio of correct answers versus incorrect answers you entered will be shown, based on knowledge area. You can also review all your answers

#How much time it takes to get the course activated after making the payment?

You will get access to course immediately on making successful payment. You will get an email with password. Just Sign in to the application with the given password.

#How long is my Subscription?

We offer many options and subscription services. Your Purchase type will determine how long your subscription is for.our quarterly or annual Review quiz and/or course subscriptions are ongoing.

#Unable to Sign in after making the payment of Fees?

On success of the payment you will get an email with password. Just Sign in to the application with the given password. Incase not received mail or unable to sign in with password contact over mail or phone given on the application

#What is Mode of delivery of the course ?

It is 100% online only.

#Do you have video or classroom lectures ?

Yes, Revise & understand core concepts in depth in NEET/IIT-JEE subjects.Revise chapter by chapter with quizzes and solve doubts instantly..

#Do you have any teachers or tutors who clear students' doubts or give feedback?

Yes, "Ask a doubt" menu Clear all your doubts with our subject matter experts for complete understanding of concepts.

#How are notes and MCQs prepared ?

They are prepared from NCERT books. MCQs are prepared from various books and guides

#What is the difference between the diagnostic, the practice Tests?

Practice tests: Practice tests are meant to simulate the actual experience of taking the test on Test Day. Practice tests do not let you go over time, though you can pause them and come back to them later.

Diagnostics: These may taken once at the beginning of your practice to initialize the system. You can choose to take a full exam, or a series of shorter tests. We encourage you to answer each question to the best of your ability to give the system a good understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are. You will be able to review what you got correct or incorrect and why after you’ve submitted the diagnostic

#What are the available payment options?

Online payment methods like: Credit Card and Debit Card/Net Banking or Mobile payment/Money wallet /UPI options-

Our Reviews

Learner from India

The best online coaching platform ever. It is an excellent Self-assessment learning platform for NEET aspirants

S.Rama Gomathi, NEET Aspirants

Learner from India

Excellent course for self preparation


Learner from India

online self-Assement course for NEET/CUET made my preparation for the exam very easy…


Learner from India

self assessment has developed and shown more interest towards NEET/CUET Subjects. Understand from Assessment feedback, which Area to be improve and relearn the Topics.

Sureth Ibrahim  CUET Aspirants


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



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