Graduate Diploma in Diagnostic Medical ultrasound (GDDMU)

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It is a  Post-Graduate Diploma  in Medical ultrasound awarded by Australian Institute of Healthcare Education (AIHE). The place and the college where it is conducted is Vision college, Malaysia. We are the representatives of Vision college Malaysia in India .

The place and the college:

Vision college, Malaysia.​
January and July the closing date for each new intake of students is 2 weeks before class commencement.

Duration : One and half years  year (inclusive of Internship)

Delivery Mode : Full-time (Practical Training and Academic Lessons on  weekdays)

Assessment Mode : Internal and External examinations (Written and Oral) 

Teaching Venue : Vision College, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 


Applied practical training-Students get hands on practical training at least 500 scans during the course

Personalized supervision by faculty

Job placement: 

On successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded by AIHE the qualification of Graduate Diploma of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound. 

The graduates may also consider to practice professionally as a sonographer in Australia. This requires a professional registration with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR), where additional practicals in Australia will be required. AIHE provides a Sonographer Trainee package programmed in Australia which will assist graduates to meet the practical requirements by ASAR. 


Since the Graduate Diploma is issued by Australian Institute of Healthcare Education (AIHE) , it has wide acceptance in the UK,USA,Canada , Australia and the Middle east. It is a perfect opportunity to immigrate to these countries. 

Vision college arranges for interviews with the hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore. Students choose their own offers. The job offers come too often, as there are no schools in Malaysia and Singapore teaching ultrasound scans.

​​Who should join the programme?

Any Bachelor’s degree holders of the following disciplines:

- Cardio pulmonary Technology

- Diagnostic Radiography

- Medical Technology

- Nursing

- Midwifery

- Biochemistry

- Science

- Biotechnology

- Biomedical Science

- Bio health

- Health Science

- Medical Degree Like MBBS, MD, Alternative Medicine like AYUSH ; or other educational background which is deemed to make contribution

to the modality



Mobile : +91 87544 47888

This training is conducted abroad (not in India). This qualification helps to get sonographer job in UK,USA,Middle east, Australia and Singapore.This qualification does not allow to practice in India under PC-PNDT Act. However, this qualification helps to get sonographer job in UK,USA,Middle east, Australia and Singapore.